Andro 400 – A Detailed Review

This testosterone booster claims to increase energy, improve your sexual performance and enhance your libido. It is also sold on the promise of reducing belly fat. The company manufacturing this product is known as Natural Health Solutions and it only produces the Andro 400 supplement only. However, the company has no official website and there are also other companies out there baring the same name. This should be an immediate warning sign. The only means of access for this company is through an address and a telephone number provided.  Due to lack of proper information, it wasn’t easy to pinpoint the ingredients, but a closer look at what the product is made of will reveal whether this product delivers its magical promise or is just a scam fabricated. There is also a supplement called the Andro 400 max but is not manufactured by the same company. But is this really the magic pill to solve all your sexual problems?

The company manufacturing this supplement is very mysterious and you should be very careful when dealing with them. Several companies bare the same name as the one producing this product; it is therefore not easy to find exactly which one produces the Andro 400.

Testolanandro 400
Product NameTestolanAndro 400
Quality of Ingredients5/53.5/5
Speed of Results4.9/53.4/5
Websitewww.testolan.comNo Website

Ingredients of Andro 400 – Is It A Scam?

It was fairly easy to find Andro 400’s ingredients. But there is no mention of the possible side effects. Customer reviews were very important in identifying the possible side effects. This is already a warning sign in itself.

This supplement has only one ingredient, yes, you read that right, only one. It is called the Eurycoma Longifolia and that’s the only compound in this product. This ingredient is also called Long Jack and has been known to increase libido in the human body, while at the same time increasing the level of testosterone in your body. The ingredient also aids in bodybu ilding as it boosts the amount of testosterone in the body. However, the exact dosage required to obtain the desired results still remains a mystery. The manufactures of the product put a lot of the ingredient in the supplement. This can cause problems su ch as Andropause. This ingredient works ve ry well, but for bodybuilders but you have to first solve any hormonal problems associated with testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, and HGH .

The Andro 400 max is a bit different. The manufacturer of the product increased the amount of Eurycoma Longifolia to 250g in order to obtain better results. There were also other ingredients added to it, including L-Citrulline and L-Arginine both used to increase blood flow and makes it faster than its counterpart the Andro 400 supplement.

Does Andro 400 Have Any Side Effects?

andro400-infoThe Andro 400 supplement has not had any negative side effects associated with it. The company that makes this product claims that has no side effects. However, customer reviews and testimonies do not support this claim. Although there were positive reviews, the majority were the negatives.

A customer who bought the product online complained that he had already taken the drug but hadn’t worked “until now”. Another customer who had consulted his Urologist said that he had been discouraged from “spending the money on this product”, while another one also said that he had already spent his money but hadn’t gotten any “weight loss or sex drive”.

The positive side effects reviewed by most customers who had bought the product and successfully used it were associated with bodybuilding and general fitness of the body. Although there were no negative side effects proven to come from the use of the ingredient in this product, that does not confirm that the product has a positive impact on your body. The issue is still unclear.

Some customers while buying the product were automatically billed through an automatic payment system and can’t be turned off easily. Your money is withdrawn automatically from your card every month. This is a major warning sign that the product might actually be a scam.

Andro 400 – Final Summary

The information relayed about this supplement is enough to confirm that this product doesn’t deliver its promises. It is an overpriced product with very little impact on your body. Customer testimonials are even more discomforting. The negative effects are damaging to the human body. This product doesn’t give you the ultimate sexual experience. The disadvantages mentioned in the customer reviews, plus the little knowledge about the manufacturer and failure of the company to provide its users with enough information sends this product down to the rejected list. The product barely delivers on its promise of improving your sex life. Therefore, this product cannot be recommended for use as a male sexual enhancement.

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