Blackcore Edge Max Review – Read Before You Buy!

Known as the Blackcore Edge Max Natural Testosterone Enhancement, this male nutritional supplement claims to increase your testosterone levels, thus giving you better orgasms and erections and as a result, improving your overall sexual health.

The supplement, made by the Edgeline Performance Company, is sold on the promise of better and more satisfying sex. There is no known evidence that the product actually performs as the company claims and customer reviews are not in the least settling. While other sites often regard this product as a pre and post workout supplement, there is no clear understanding of its uses as the official product website lacks the basic descriptive information required. The Company has also failed to carry out any clinical tests on the product ingredients and therefore the full impact on the use of this product remains a mystery. The company’s official address listed on the official website is not the actual corporate headquarters.

Edgeline Performance Company has also been known to make and sell a few other products, including diet pill supplements and another Blackcore supplement known as the Blackcore Edge Max Nitric Oxide Booster. Though very little is known about this supplement I sought to find the truth and finally solve the big question, is this supplement is a scam?

TestolanBlackcore Edge
Product NameTestolanBlackcore Edge
Quality of Ingredients5/53.5/5
Speed of Results4.9/53.4/5
Websitewww.testolan.comNo Website

Ingredients of the Blackcore Edge. Is it a Scam?

There wasn’t much information from the official website on the ingredients list, except claiming the product offered similar benefits to steroids. Further research revealed that the supplement is made of various ingredients, including Vitamin C, Niacin, Epimedium, and L-Arginine. Other third party sites linked to the official website of the product expanded the list to include Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Muira Puama and Tongkat Ali. The list continues as other websites outline various ingredients believed to make up the supplement.

Although ingredients like Epimedium has been used on other male enhancement supplements, there is still no proof that the compound has ever been successfully used to enhance or treat any sexual issues. In fact, there is no proof that any of the ingredients found in the Blackcore Edge Max supplement can improve your sexual health. Furthermore, no human was used in the study of these ingredients, only rats were used in an experiment to treat cavernous nerves in China. It is quite clear that there is no evidence or any known record that the product actually works. It’s also no secret that the manufacturers of this product have tried their best to hide any information useful about the product.

When buying the product, the company offers a so-called “trial program” claiming that you will only pay for the shipping. However, the manufacturers start charging you automatically every month for a new supply. The company also claims the product can be bought from their official website, but that seems to be a scam.

Does Blackcore Edge Have Any Side Effects?

blackcore-edge-imageThe company manufacturing the supplement doesn’t mention any side effects, however, that does not mean that it is completely safe to use. For example, an ingredient found in the product, L-Arginine has been known for very severe side effects. It has been known to cause Vasodilation which is the widening of blood vessels and can be dangerous to people with high blood Pressure. Another ingredient, Niacin, has side effects which include insomnia, itching, facial redness, flushing and leg cramps among others.

Customer reviews have also helped understand any side effects of the supplement. Some customer testimonials range from claiming that the Company is a total rip-off to others complaining that the product really doesn’t work. For example, one customer complained that the supplement made no major difference in his sex life except for being “constantly hungry”. Another claimed that she was charged 75% of her money for canceling the order. She said they called it “cancellation fees”.  Some reviews were positive, however, there is no evidence that they were actual customer testimonials. The supplement hasn’t been regulated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The full impact of using this supplement is still unknown, but from what we know, this product has side effects.

Blackcore Edge – Final Summary

From the conclusive research conducted, it is clear that the Blackcore Edge Max supplement is too mysterious to confirm its authenticity. Customer testimonials show that this product is a scam and a total rip-off for your money. There is no free trial offered and the money back guarantee is simply a lie. The lack of a clear description and an outline of the product from the official website of the supplement should be a warning sign to anyone who wishes to buy this product. There were no clinical trials conducted by the company to certify the safety of this product. Avoid using or buying this product as it is a total scam.

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