Clean Burn weight loss pills. Full review. Price, dosage and side effects.

Ingredients of Clean Burn supplement are highly examined medically and are safe for one’s own consumption because most of its ingredients are in natural form. However, it is still important to find out if this product is really legit or just a scam?

The manufacturer behind the manufacture of Clean Burn

This weight loss supplement is manufactured by Kaged Muscle Company. Clean Burn is used for burning of stored fats in one’s body and hindering further deposition of fats. The manufacturers claim that the product is user-friendly and it will work together with your body to attain your desired shape or figure. The product does not contain any banned substances hence making it good for one’s consumption.

It increases the rate of metabolism to produce more heat which helps in burning of fats and calories stored in the body. It suppresses one’s appetite hence making one to eat less.

Probiox PlusClean Burn
Product NameProbiox PlusClean Burn
Quality of Ingredients4.9/54.0/5
Speed of Results4.9/54.0/5

The ingredients used in Clean Burn

Clean Burn is made up of efficient ingredients below:

  • Green Tea Extract which is highly used to increase the rate of metabolism to produce extra heat to help in consuming and burning of extra heat.
  • Chromium also used in building one’s muscles while burning the extra fats and helps in ensuring the body in using the carbohydrates.
  • Gymnemia Sylvestre helps in weight loss when used for a long period of time and can also be used to maintain blood sugars.
  • L Carnitine Tartrate helps to burn fat and aids in weight loss
  • Capsicum Fruit is a metabolism booster
  • Chili Pepper is a great fat burner ingredient. It is used as a thermogenic to enhance your metabolism, resulting in an increase in fat loss.

The pros and cons of the Clean Burn

Some of the pros used in the product are:

  • All the ingredients used in the product in manufacturing have been tested for consecutive times to ensure they are good for consumption
  • All the ingredients have been clinically tested to ensure it does not cause any problems in human health after consumption.
  • The ingredients used are personally tested by the company.
  • The product has been examined and found free of any banned substances.
  • It boosts the rate of metabolism to produce more heat and burn fats in the body.
  • Good ingredients such as green tea are present in the product
  • It suppresses one’s appetite making one to eat less than usual

This product also contains some few cons such as:

  • Depending on one’s size one may be required to take daily servings
  • The manufacturer have not provided enough information about the product above
  • The product contains less ingredients purposely for weight loss

Clean Burn – Possible Side Effects

  • The product has not been detected by any major side effects as it contains clinically tested ingredients. There is one ingredient Gymnemia Sylvestre that may cause liver toxicity which may lead to inflammation of the liver.
  • The product is used by swallowing two capsules with water to help it in pushing it to the system so as to let it work efficiently
  • The 180 caps bottle of Clean Burn is priced around $30 mark – is in the low to mid-range for a fat burner.
  • The user should take 3 servings of 2 capsules 30 minutes before meals
  • The 3 servings spread out evenly through the day will keep active components topped up and working as long as you need them

Where can you purchase Clean Burn?

Customers who are willing to use the product can find it at

Clean Burn – Final Verdict

Clean Burn is one of the products used to reduce or lose fats in the body. According to the manufacturer there are not many useful ingredients however the once used have been medically tested to make it safe for consumption. The above product is claimed to promote loss of fat, inhibiting of fat storage and metabolism. It’s required purchasing at least two bottles of Clean Burn to get good results.

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