E.S.P. Pre-Workout – Effective Testosterone Booster. How does it work? Check Opinions!

With advancing age, especially for men over 30, a drop in testosterone production tends to put them out of shape, and they experience a general loss of vigor. This phenomenon is particularly annoying for a person who works out regularly. There are many dietary supplements available on the market, but one very popular pre-workout supplement is E.S.P. Pre-Workout which is a metabolic nutrition supplement that adds to your vigor when you work out.

Mass ExtremeE.S.P. Pre-Workout
Product NameMass ExtremeE.S.P. Pre-Workout
Quality of Ingredients5/53.8/5
Speed of Results4.7/53.5/5
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E.S.P. Powerful Pre-Workout Stimulant (Product Review)

E.S.P. Pre-Workout is a powerful pre-workout stimulant which provides you with an energy recharge during workouts keeping fatigue at bay. This product comes in varying doses so that each user can customize their intake according to their body requirements. The so called “post-crash drop off” that is prevalent in other pre-workout formulas does not occur with E.S.P. Pre-Workout.

Lots of thought has also gone into the overall effect of the product by providing four different flavors – watermelon, blue raspberry, fruit punch and green apple.

Facts about E.S.P. Pre-Workout

E.S.P. Pre-WorkoutE.S.P. Pre-Workout uses stimulants that target the brain making it more alert, which results in improved reflexes and an overall improvement of muscular mobility. This supplement also has Nootropics which further helps in coordinating the neurotransmitters.

On a cellular level, Beta Alanine is added which serves as a buffer for metabolic waste which boosts energy level during workouts, ensuring that you can exercise harder and for longer durations. The body stays hydrated with the addition of minerals and salts that also impart a fullness to muscular tissue.

Effectiveness of E.S.P. Pre-Workout

It is a beneficial supplement, and this particular brand is popular due to the varied flavors. It is effective but perhaps a little too much, so you would be well-advised to exercise caution on the daily dosage. If you are a first-timer, it would be advisable to take just a small scoop.

Thoughts and Opinions of those who used E.S.P. Pre-Workout

The views of those who used this metabolic nutrition supplement are broad and varied. There is a consensus that this is potent stuff. Users found that they had high energy levels after consuming E.S.P. Pre-Workout. However, there are some side-effects reported that are worth noting. A common complaint was experiencing dizziness after working out or towards the end of the session. Users also complained of nausea and some users claim that it affected their sexual performance.

Our Take on E.S.P. Pre-Workout

The E.S.P. Pre-Workout seems to be an active formulation; you need to treat it with caution. Since some users experienced adverse reactions to the supplement, it would be advisable to take it under the supervision of a doctor as well as a physical fitness trainer. However, the E.S.P. Pre-Workout seems to be useful for the purpose for which it is intended.

Where can I get E.S.P. Pre-Workout?

Unfortunately for Amazon fans, you cannot buy E.S.P. Pre-Workout there or at Walmart for that matter, but smaller websites like Vitacost or Mysuplementstore sell it for about $30 to $35.

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