Extend – The capsules for Potency. Composition, Functioning and the Opinions about the Product

Erectile dysfunction has always been accompanied men, but only recently they has begun to talk more about those problems. So far the men struggling with sexual dysfunction have been on their own and did not have choice but to come to terms with the situation. In recent decades, however, many preparations have emerged, that help fight this discomfort effectively. This is not only about the tablets that function on the basis of sildenafil, that (tablets) are to be taken before the sexual intercourse, but also about dietary supplements in which the most important active substance is L-Arginine. Extend capsules fall into this second group.

Product NameEron PlusExtend
Quality of Ingredients5/53.9/5
Speed of Results4.7/54.0/5
Websitewww.eronplus.comNo Website

What do Extend capsules include?

What distinguishes the presented preparation from the competition is the very careful selection of ingredients. In addition to the already mentioned L-Arginine, the preparation also contains zinc, which effectively stimulates the sperm production, as well as natural aphrodisiacs such as Muira Puama, Ginseng, and Astragalus. In addition, the mixture was supplemented with, among others, pumpkin seeds, oats and sarsaparilla, which make active substances absorb better and the whole drug becomes much more effective. Only natural ingredients that are safe for the user, which do not cause undesirable side effects, were used to produce the preparation.

How Extend capsules do work?

extendIn order to achieve a satisfactory results, Extend capsules should be taken three times a day. The improvement of sexual prowess is noticeable just after a few weeks, but after 3 months of use, the cure starts to work properly. The need for regular use of tablets for a long time is a bit embarrassing, but it is a disadvantage of practically all remedies that are based on L-Arginine. The medication when is used according to the recommendations, improves circulation, which is essential for the quality of the erection. The added benefit of L-Arginine presence is the increased production of somatropin, a growth hormone that not only allows to enhance the erection, but also to enlarge the penis permanently. What is important – Extend is recommended not only to men who have problems with erection but also to those who would like to have children. Thanks to 50 mg of zinc, which is a component of each Extend capsule, regular use of the drug increases the amount of the sperm cells and hence the chances of fertilization. The preparation is safe, but if you have problems with the liver or you suffer from diabetes – we should talk to the doctor before starting the treatment with Extend capsules. L-Arginine can cause undesirable effects in this situation.

Opinions about the extend capsules

In comparison to the other preparations containing L-Arginine, Extend capsules are neither less nor more effective. Experts draw attention to the naturalness of the ingredients, so that the capsules can be used without worry unless someone suffers from the medical conditions mentioned above. The men who decided to use Extend treatment mostly declare satisfaction, although one can also hear complaints about long waiting time for effects and trouble maintaining systematic use of the preparation.

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