Is it worth to use Lean Mode supplement for weight loss ?

Lean Mode is available in the form of capsules and in powder.  It is available in five flavors that is the Peach Tea, Furious Grape, Blue Raz, Fruit punch and in Pink lemonade.

What is Lean Mode and How Does it Work?

Lean Mode is a supplement manufactured using natural ingredients and it promises to help in weight loss management.

Lean Mode is manufactured by Evlution Nutrition which is known for the production of quality supplements. A combination of a good supplement, good diet and an effective fitness plan helps to achieve good results in weight loss and fitness.

Probiox PlusLean Mode supplement
Product NameProbiox PlusLean Mode
Quality of Ingredients4.9/53.7/5
Speed of Results4.9/53.7/5

The ingredients in Lean Mode burns glucose inside the liver which is good in regulating the sugar levels and increases metabolism. CLA, a component  in Lean Mode works to burn fat as well.

The presence of the amino acid Acetyl Carnitine is a good source of energy because it is capable of transporting long chains of fatty acids to get energy encouraging burning of fats.

Green Tea is not a stimulant but it has caffeine content that is helpful to burn fat.  Lean Mode will increase the metabolism of the body levels of energy.

You can buy Lean Mode directly from the official website of the company of manufacture Evlution Nutrition. The supplement can additionally be bought from different sites such as

Lean Mode:  Ingredients and Side Effects

Lean Mode has a quite number of ingredients that are used such as;

  • Green coffee bean extracts (500mg) which supports fat burning and glucose metabolism.
  • CLA (500MG) supports fat metabolism, especially in metabolizing the  stored fat for energy during active exercise
  • Acetyl carnitine (500mg) enhances energy and performance levels while also increasing the utilization of fat for fuel during active exercise
  • Green tea extract (250mg) increases metabolic rates and energy for fat burning. It also boosts antioxidant levels.
  • Garcinia cambogia extract (500MG) is from tamarind, a tropical fruit that contains premium Hydroxycitric Acid 60% level.

It has other non-active ingredients like geratin, magnesium stearite and silica.

Scanty details have been given about the side effects of using Lean Mode which include nausea, dizziness, restless and stomach pains.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Lean Mode

Lean Mode claims that it quickly enhances a lot of fat burning, reduced appetite and high rate of metabolism.  It also increases the release of energy and an improved mood.

It claims to have natural ingredients and hence it is a safe product to use.

It is available in both powder and tablet form.  It has a few numbers of flavors which make it taste very sweet.

A good dietary supplement combined with healthy eating and exercise routine can make a huge difference that will help you burn fat and lose a lot of weight.

It should not be used by a person with medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and cancer unless advised by a medical practitioner.  It should not also be used by pregnant or lactating mothers as it may affect the well-being of their children. Individuals below 18 years are not also eligible to use it.  All medicines should be kept far from children’s reach.

There a lot of negative reviews about the performance of Lean Mode. It is always advisable that a person should do a thorough research before settling on using any weight loss supplements.  One should seek the doctor’s advice as well to avoid any health problems.  Over use of this supplement may lead to over dependence.

Lean Mode is not licensed by FDA.

Final Verdict

Lean Mode is a product that has been clinically proven and hence it is safe to be used by any individual above the age of eighteen. The manufacturer has also emphasized and written down all the ingredients that have been used making it clearer to the individual. They have also mentioned the exact quantity of each ingredient making it aware to every person purchasing and using the product. It is advisable that one takes a healthy diet together with body exercises before indulging in modern day weight loss pills.

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