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Feeling run down and not able to cope with stuff the way you used to? Are you feeling that age is catching up with you? Tired all the time and lacking in enthusiasm? This may be just a difficult phase in your life, you may think and it may pass. But perhaps not.

We all operate on different energy levels. Generally, younger people, like say, those in their late teens or twenties tend to be on top of everything in terms of physical and mental activity. However, as we cross the age of 30, our bodies undergo certain changes. All this is part of the ageing process. Some people age faster than others but it is inevitable. So, in layman terms, how to get your mojo back?

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Help is at Hand

A great way for getting back into the groove is to go in for health supplements. These contain substances that helps the body to produce enzymes and hormones which restore health and energy. A popular health supplement that is currently doing the rounds is Leptigen which boosts metabolism and even helps in blood sugar management. Here we discuss Leptigen in detail and check out the effectiveness of the product.

Facts about Leptigen

Leptigen is available online and you can buy a month’s supply for $109.95. The dosage is two capsules a day, so you would get 60 capsules to last a month.

The patented ingredient that Leptigen contains is Meratrim which helps to boost the metabolism. The other ingredient used is Chromemate which helps to keep the blood sugar level under control. Caffeine and green tea extract are also used. The claim to fame of this product is that it helps to burn fat at a faster rate, maintaining muscle tone at the same time.

It is advisable to work out regularly while taking Leptigen to get maximum benefit from the supplement. This needs to be accompanied by a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet and walking for at least 30 minutes for five days a week.

Clinically, no side-effects have been reported from using this health supplement, although there were some reports of breathlessness, mild headaches and increased heart rate, possibly due to the presence of caffeine in the supplement.

LeptigenAdvantages of Leptigen

  • Combined ingredients provide multiple benefits
  • No side-effects
  • Clinically-proven efficacy on ingredients
  • No tall claims – the company recommends combining with diet and exercise.
  • Readily available off the internet


  • Expensive compared to other supplements
  • Not available in regular chemist shops
  • No money-back policy

The Effectiveness of Leptigen

A majority of customer reviews took a dim view of this product. According to many of them, the product does not work. There were some who did feel that it made some difference. We need to realize that Leptigen isn’t supposed to be taken on its own and results can vary depending on the exercise routine and diet of the user.

Our Take

The manufacturer recommends that it is taken in combination with an exercise regimen, daily walking and a restricted diet. There is no way of knowing how much exercise the customers actually did, or what sort of a diet they followed. It is this factor that makes the results unpredictable.

What we do know is that Leptigen contains metabolism boosters like caffeine and green tea, as well as ChromeMate which is known to have some effect on controlling blood sugar and Meratrim which is a known fat-suppresser. These in combination are bound to have some effect on the body and in combination with regular exercise and diet, some changes are likely to occur.

In conclusion, we feel that although there may not be any immediate benefit, there is no harm in trying it due to the absence of side-effects. It may just work for you or it may not. However, if it suits you, then there is no harm in going for it.

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