Male enhancement (Erection Pills)

Eron Plus

Out of the many erection tablets available in the market, Eron Plus is one of the most popular. It comes in a set of two tablets, one to be taken daily once a day and the other to be taken two hours before having sex. These tablets are deemed safe, because they are made from testosterone-stimulating natural ingredients like L arginine, maca root, tribulus terrestris, Korean ginseng and fenugreek. Eron Plus is not available on but you can get them readily on the company’s official website.


Member XXL

Like most popular erection tablets in the market today, Member XXL can be ordered online and delivered confidentially to your doorstep. It is considered safe, as natural extracts like l-arginine, fenugreek extract, palmetto extract, tribulus terrestris extract, Chinese magnolia fruit, Korean panax ginseng, saffron and black pepper are used, which promote testosterone production. According to reviews posted by customers who used this product, Member XXL not only enhances penis length but increases thickness as well and it also helps in increasing libido in men.


Male Extra

Male Extra is a male enhancement health supplement which if taken regularly, helps to improve the overall sexual experience. The natural ingredients in these erection tablets stimulate the production of the male hormone testosterone in the body, which has a direct relation to sexual performance. Natural ingredients used in Male Extra like pomegranate, L-arginine, creatine, cordyceps and Zinc help in improving blood flow as well as increasing energy levels in the body. Male Extra is an all-American product available online on and a few other websites.

How Erection Pills work

Male sexuality is largely dependent on the presence of a hormone called testosterone which is produced in the testes as well as in the adrenal glands of males. Due to a lack of testosterone in the body, typically when a man crosses 30, there is a decline in libido and other sex-related issues like erectile dysfunction and reduction in penis size can occur. Male enhancement tablets or erection tablets as they are more commonly known as, help to trigger testosterone production in the body.

Most erection tablets are created as a result of extensive studies on the way natural herbal extracts work for us when we consume these extracts in small quantities on a regular basis. A lot of the ingredients are based on those mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures the Vedas, and especially linked to the branch that deals with medical issues known as the Ayurveda. Other extracts have their origin in South-East Asian countries as well as from other parts of the world.

The Benefits (if any?)

Most erection tablets contain extracts of naturally-occurring plants, herbs and fruits which work in the body in different ways. The tablets mentioned here contain natural extracts which offer the following benefits:

  • Pomegranate: Improves blood circulation,
  • L-arginine: Promotes hormone production
  • Creatine: Increases testosterone production
  • Cordyceps: Acts like an aphrodisiac and improves immunity
  • Zinc: Improves libido and maintains electrolyte balance
  • Maca root: Enhances sexual function, libido, and fertility
  • Tribulus terrestris: Testosterone booster
  • Korean ginseng: Strengthens the immune system and treats erectile dysfunction

Why are Erection Pills so Popular?

The primary reason is quite obvious – these male enhancers promise to deal with erectile issues. It may be worthwhile to mention however, that there are several other male-enhancing procedures which range from risky to outright dangerous. In the light of other risky remedies, the erection tablets mentioned here provide a healthy alternative due to the fact that 100% natural ingredients are used which minimize the possibility of side-effects.

The best approach towards taking erection tablets is to try out a particular brand once, for a particular period of time. In due course, you would be able to find out what works best for you. In any case, ensure to consult your doctor before proceeding to take erection tablets, to eliminate the possibility of side-effects due to a reaction with any other medication that you may be taking.

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