How SizeGenix supplement works ? Side effects and ingredients

SizeGenix is manufactured in the US by Incredible Health Decisions LLC.

What is SizeGenix Supplement and How does it work?

It is a supplement that claims to solve male erectile dysfunctions.  It promises to deliver improved erection experiences.  It increases the girth and the length of the penis and also improved blood circulation hence giving quality sexual experiences.  It claims to give long lasting and hard erections by increasing the permeability of blood vessels hence allowing nutrients to get to the pennies. SizeGenix should be taken on a regular basis for better results. It promises to improve the health of the penis, enhance its firmness and size.

One should take a maximum of two tablets each day – one in the morning and the other in the evening on an empty stomach.  It claims to raise the testosterone levels to 74.2% in 12 days.  It usually takes about three days to see visible results in terms of sexual performance and approximately 70 days for the elongation of the penis to happen.

Product NameEron PlusSizeGenix
Quality of Ingredients5/53.6/5
Speed of Results4.7/53.6/5

Ingredients and Side Effects of SizeGenix Supplement

SizeGenix has a number of ingredients like:

  •    Tongkat Ali: Also referred to as boost libido.  It is an aphrodisiac that is used to treat erectile dysfunctions.
  •    Nitric Acid:  It is also referred to as Levitra work.  It is used for relaxing blood vessels, therefore, creating a good mood for an erection. It is also known to reduce fatigue.
  •    L-citrulluo:  Mainly found in watermelon and commonly referred to as the home Viagra.
  •    Maca root:  It increases sexual desire.
  •    Vintis Vinifera:  It is known to increase libido in men and women.  It also improves the health of sperms in men.
  •    Long Pepper:  It is commonly found in India and it is known to improve sexual desire.
  •    Long jack:  It regulates testosterone levels.
  •    Vitamin B3:  It gives the body energy needed for sexual functions.
  •    Butea Superba:  This is a herb is grown in Thailand.  It is used for bodybuilding and improves male sexual performance.  It has been traditionally known for improving on male sexual vitality.
  •    Protodexx matrix complex:  It is said to promote sexual health.
  •    Tribulus Terrestris Extract is known to increase sexual stamina and improved erectile function.

Other ingredients include Muira Pama, Avina Satifa Extract and Zinc.  It also contains some non-active ingredients like Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate and Titanium Dioxide.

SizeGenix, according to the manufacturer, has no side effects going by the fact that all its ingredients are from natural sources.  Some of its users have reported side effects such as headaches, bloating and stomach discomforts.  It is always advisable to seek a doctor’s opinion before using this supplement. The nitric acid is known to cause burning, itching, redness on the face, dizziness and pain in the mouth.  Tribulus Terrestris is known to cause prostate cancer and may also decrease the blood sugar in the body.

Avoid using this supplement if you are on any other medical treatment as contraindications may result in irreversible health dangers. Men should be encouraged to have a proper diet and exercise instead of depending on supplements for healthy erectile functions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SizeGenix Supplement

SizeGenix supplement has a number of natural ingredients.  It also has a high number of positive reviews from its users. It increases sexual stamina.  SizeGenix supplement has been endorsed by Ron Jeremy who is a porn star.  It is relatively cheap compared to similar products in the market.  There is a 90-day money back guarantee in case one is not happy with its performance.  SizeGenix has been clinically tested.

This supplement has not been licensed by FDA. It should not be used by men who are below 18 years of age. Too much use of this supplement may lead to over-dependence and other long-term health problems. People with health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems are advised against using it.  Vegetarians should also not use this supplement unless advised by a medical practitioner.

SizeGenix – Final Verdict

SizeGenix is a supplement that promises to deliver a long and hard erection.  Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are using this kind of pills to enhance their sexual life. SizeGenix is a supplement manufactured from purely natural ingredients and claims to deal with all causes of erectile dysfunctions. It should be noted that some of these supplements have serious side effects that may result in long-term health problems. A good erectile function gives a man confidence and self-esteem.

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