What is Suprenza and does it really effective ? Full Review

Most people find it difficult to deal with weight loss by observing good healthy habits like eating well and exercising. They opt for the use of weight loss pills which promise to deliver good results instantly. So what about Suprenza ?

What is Suprenza and is it effective in curing obesity?

Suprenza or otherwise known as phentermine hydrochloride is a white odorless crystalline which is water soluble but insoluble in ether.  It claims to deliver positive weight results in weeks.

Suprenza is an anorexic pill that promises to boost weight loss and treats obesity by suppressing appetite. It works with the hypothalamus part of the brain and stimulates the adrenal glands and forces them to produce norepinephrine which reduces hunger and increases metabolism.  It is manufactured by Alpex Pharma, a company based in the US and marketed by Akrimax Pharmaceuticals.

One should take one tablet per day mainly in the morning as taking it in the evening will result in loss of sleep. Avoid crushing it in the mouth as it is supposed to be swallowed as a full tablet.  Prolonged use of Suprenza may lead to overdependence.

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Ingredients of Suprenza

Suprenza has only one active ingredient called phentermine hydrochloride which works with the nervous system to suppress hunger. It also increases the metabolism of body fats. The other inactive ingredients include citric acid powder, talc and peppermint flavor and color.

Suprenza is a moisture sensitive supplement and hence is should be stored in a dry place away from heat, direct light and from children. It should also be stored at below 25 degrees should be kept in an airtight packet to keep it safe for human consumption. One is also advised to ensure that their hands are dry when taking it as it is an oral disintegrating drug. It should strictly be taken as per the doctor’s instructions.

Apart from the disintegrating form, it also comes in the form of a capsule or oral tablet.

Suprenza – Side Effects

Prolonged use of this supplement may result in serious withdrawal symptoms and over-dependence.  It has some side effects such as pulmonary hypertension and increased blood pressure, restlessness, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, dryness of the mouth, gastrointestinal disturbances and impotence.  It may also cause cardiovascular, unusual taste and breathing problems.  It may also have some rare side effects like interest in sexual activity and redness of the skin.

Other side effects include swelling of feet, shortness of breath, shakiness, mood changes, headache, dizziness, numbness in legs and hands and blurred eyesight.  In case of severe side effects while on Suprenza, a person should refer to a medical practitioner or discontinue the use of the supplement.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Suprenza

To make the process of weight loss effective by using Suprenza, one is required to observe a healthy diet and body exercises. It is usually taken for a limited period of time as per the doctor’s prescription.  Suprenza has been approved by FDA and hence is readily available.

It can be used to deal with obesity and overweight issues when all other methods have failed, however, caution should be taken to avoid serious negative consequences.

Suprenza should always be prescribed by a medical practitioner.  It should not be used by persons who are under the age of sixteen years, pregnant and lactating mothers because it may have negative effects on the baby.

It should not be taken with caffeine or alcohol as this may lead to adverse side effects on the user. It is known to have serious side effects and hence it should be used with a lot of caution.

People suffering from conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases are advised against using Suprenza.  It may also lead to impairment of reactions and one is advised not to drive or operate machinery while using this supplement.  Weight loss pills should only be used if all other methods have failed.

An overdose of Suprenza can result in serious consequences such as restlessness, hallucinations, restlessness, fatigue, and depression.  It may also lead to convulsions, severe hypertension, coma and to some extent death. Any person using this supplement should be monitored and especially if any abnormal symptoms are noticed.

Suprenza – Final Verdict

Suprenza is a supplement that promises to heal obesity and deal with weight-related issues positively.  It should be used with instructions from a medical practitioner.  Users should be cautious as prolonged use of Suprenza may lead to dependence and other health-related issues.  People should weigh the cost of using this supplement against the side effects that result from using it.

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