Synephrine for weight loss. Dosage, side effects and ingredients

A lot of people are desperate to lose weight to an extent of using any type of pills or supplements without understanding the dangers they may be exposing their bodies to. Today we’re talking about Synephrine supplement.

What is Synephrine and How Does it Work?

Synephrine is a natural food supplement that claims to promote weight loss through the burning of body fats, suppressing appetite and increased the physical performance of the body. It is commonly found in the peels of citrus fruits like oranges. It contains alkaloids that help in weight loss by increasing body activity hence burning fats, decreases appetite and increases metabolism. It increases body heat and hence the rate of metabolism rises. It also increases energy levels in the body, therefore, making the body more active both mentally and physically.

It is usually combined with caffeine to make it more effective although this may lead to serious side effects. Details of the manufacturer of this product are not available.

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Ingredients and the Side Effects of Synephrine

This supplement contains Synephrine and Octopamine which are both extracted from the peels of the citrus fruit. The same ingredients can are manufactured in a laboratory.  These two ingredients have been referred to as high-risk factors and especially if caffeine is added to the supplement.

Synephrine has serious side effects such as fainting, chest pain, and increased heart rate and to some extent stroke. It is also known to cause constipation, diarrhoea and painful bowel movements.

Use of Synephrine may also cause hallucinations, thrombosis, kidney failure and blood clots. It is also known to inhibit the skin from protecting the body from exposure to UV light and hence causing sunburn and this can lead to skin cancer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Synephrine

Apart from weight loss, Synephrine can also be used to suppress coughs and especially in asthma cases, it may also be used as an antibiotic and a treatment for fungal infections.  It may also treat irritable bowel movement.  It is an antioxidant, reduces inflammations and may improve mood and energy levels.

It also increases mental energy and this may result in better concentration and memory boost.

This supplement is also used as a mood enhancer and this very beneficial for people who are fighting with obesity as they tend to be stressed and moody. It also claims to enhance sleep.

Synephrine is only effective when one is using it.  Prolonged use of this supplement may lead to over-dependence and serious side effects.  It should only be administered with authority from a medical practitioner.  It should not be given to persons under the age of 16 years.

Its use has been banned by several athletic associations such as National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) also banned the use of Octopamine. Synephrine has also been banned by FDA.  It is in the class of unsafe products and should be avoided.

A combination of Synephrine and Caffeine is considered very lethal.  People with conditions like diabetes, migraines and high blood pressure are advised not to use Synephrine unless under a doctor’s instructions. Users of this supplement have expressed their dissatisfaction with its performance.  Many customer reviews reveal that it does not deliver on its promise of losing weight fast. It also exhibits a lot of negative side effects and some of them are long-term and irreversible. Cases of people exhibiting serious side effects hours after taking the supplement have been reported.

This supplement should not be used by pregnant and lactating mothers as this may have negative effects on the baby and the production of milk.

It has also been claimed to interfere with hormonal changes in the body and as a result, it may cause hormonal imbalance. This product should only be used upon advice from a medical practitioner and if serious side effects are felt, one must stop its use and visit a doctor.

Synephrine – Final Verdict

It is advisable that one uses pills or supplements that are scientifically proven and safe for the human body. The increased use of weight loss pills is a dangerous trend as some of them have serious and negative effects on the human body.  Some have even resulted in permanent damage or even death.  Use of Synephrine and Octopamine have been banned in some countries because they are considered as risky substances. There is no proven evidence that Synephrine is a good product for weight loss and hence caution when using it must be observed.

People should be able to choose the right weight loss methods against the use of slimming pills which may have damaging effects on their bodies.

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